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Scene library

Custom scene

Scene description language

Scene is described by a sequence of statements, separated by newlines or ";". Statement names are case-sensitive. Four statements are supported:

at X Y
Sets current origin to the cell with coordinates X, Y. Used by the following rle commands.
Defines description text. Several lines may be defined. Text can not contain semicolons (;).
Puts given RLE code at the current coorinates. Rle code is a standard format, used by many cellular automata simulators.
  • b encodes empty cell,
  • o - alive cell,
  • $ - new line,
  • numbers encode repeat count of the following character.
Sets current color palette. When adding patterns, new cell colors are taken from this pattern. COLOR-LIST can be either a ":"-separated list of any CSS colors, or the text "default". In the latter case, pattern is returned to the default. Example: colors red:#00ff00:rgb(0,0,255).
Effect of the at and colors statements lasts until they are redefined. Additional spaces and empty lines are ignored.