Ammonium chloroferrate

Formula: (NH4)2[FeCl5(H2O)] Ammonium chloroferrate


  • Crystal system: don't know, either monoclynic or triclynic.
  • Crystal shape: prismatic
  • Color: dark red-brown
  • Stability on air: hygroscopic, in humid environment becomes deliquescent. Store in dry, closed container.


Dissolve ammonium chloride NH4Cl and iron (III) chloride FeCl3 in water in stoichiometric proportions and crystallize.


I used slow evaporation method. Solubility of the compound is quite high


Not toxic, but irritant and leaves rusty stains on everything (use oxalic or citric acid to remove stains). Don't use metaiic containers: FeCl3 easily etches steel, copper and many other metals.

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Ammonium chloroferrate

Ammonium chloroferrate

Ammonium chloroferrate