Copper β-alaninate

Formula: Cu(C3H6NO2)2

Systematic name is copper(II) 3-aminopropanoate.

Copper β-alanine salt

Salt of copper and amino acid β-alanine


  • Crystal shape: prismatic
  • Color: bark blue
  • Stability on air: not stable, dehydrate in a matter of days


Reaction of β-alanine acid with copper hydroxocarbonate or copper hydroxide in water. Copper hydroxocarbonate can be prepared by reacting any soluble copper salt, such as CuSO4 with sodium carbonate or hydrocarbonate.

Cu2CO3(OH)2 + 4 C3H7NO2 = 2 Cu(C3H6NO2)2 + 3 H2O + CO2


Copper β-alaninate is higly soluble in water.


All copper compounds are moderately toxic. Avoid ingestion.

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Copper β-alanine salt

Copper β-alanine salt