Copper-Magnesium Schoenite

A mixed compound, solid solution of 2 different Tutton's salts: potassium-copper and potassium-magnesium. Copper-Magnesium Schoenite Approximate formula: K2(Mg0.5Cu0.5)(SO4)2·6H2O


  • Crystal system: monoclinic
  • Crystal shape: flat slant prisms with rhombic base, very different from the shape of pure schoenite.
  • Color: light blue, much lighter than copper sulfate
  • Stability on air: stable


Mix K2Cu(SO4)2·6H2O and K2Mg(SO4)2·6H2O approximately in 1:1 ratio, dissolve in water and crystallize.


Mildly toxic as all copper compounds

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Copper-Magnesium Schoenite

Copper-Magnesium Schoenite