Potassium Sulfamate

Formula: KSO3NH2 Potassium Sulfamate


  • Crystal system: orthorombic
  • Crystal shape: flat tablets. Fast growing by cooling produces elongated crystals, slow evaporation gives shorter rectangular tables, resembling its aprent compound sulfamic acid.
  • Color: transparent, colorless.
  • Stability on air: stable on air


Reaction of sulfamic acid with potassium carbonate K2CO3 or hydroxide KOH:

K2CO3 + 2H3NSO3 → 2KSO3NH2 + H2O + CO2,

KOH + H3NSO3 → KSO3NH2 + H2O.


Solubility of this compound is big, and increases quickly with temperature. 100 ml of water dissolve 45.86 g of this salt at 9°C, 77.75 g at 25°C and 129.36 g at 45°C.

Crystals on the photo grew in one day from hot saturated solution after it was cooled to room temperature..


The compound is generally safe.