Glucose Sodium Bromide

Formula: 2C6H12O6·NaCl·H2O Glucose Sodium Bromide


  • Crystal system:trigonal
  • Crystal shape:cube, stretched along main diagonal
  • Color: colorless
  • Stability on air: stable


Dissolve glucose and sodium bromide in warm water in 2:1 molar ratio, then crystallize. Avoid strong heating that causes drkening of glucose.


The compound grows much worse than its chloride analog, it is much more prone to formation of small parasitic crystals. Solubility, by my measurements, is around 130g/100ml.

To grow it, I used slow evaporation method, limiting evaporation speed with cover. Growth time is 1 month.


Bromide is slightly toxic, avoid consumption of it.

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Glucose Sodium Bromide

Glucose Sodium Bromide

Glucose Sodium Bromide

Seed crystals: Glucose Sodium Bromide