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Sodium potassium tris(oxalato) ferrate

Formula: K5Na[Fe(C2O4)3]2

Sodium potassium tris-oxalato ferrate

One of the most interesting crystals: a double salt of sodium, potassium and ferrioxalate ion that have deep green color, highly symmetric shape and great stability upon exposure to air. Unfortunately, I was not able to prepare aluminium analog: Na and K alumooxalates just crystallized separtely.

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Sodium saccharin

Formula: C7H4NNaO3S·?H2O Sodium saccharin

Saccharin is the first successful chemical sugar substitute; it gained its popularity during the time of WWII and is still in use nowadays, though to a much lesser extent: there are tastier and safer substitutes now. Strictly speaking, saccharin is a weak acid, that is almost insoluble in water. Soluble saccharin is its sodium salt: sodium saccharinate.

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